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How to Define Your Target Audience

By October 18, 2021March 22nd, 2022No Comments

So often, a business or brand will create products and services with no audience in mind. They market themselves to individuals who are unable to relate to their brand message, making it difficult to get customers to take action and actually buy from them. This leads to questions like “Why aren’t customers buying from me?”, “How can I increase my conversion rate?”, and “What am I doing wrong in my marketing?”.

Time and time again, the answer to all of these questions is this: they haven’t defined a target audience.

Defining a target audience for your brand can take your business to the next level. By simply taking this step, you will be able to CONNECT with your audience. From this, your customers will have more of a desire to buy specifically from you, because you get them, and they get YOU. For example, if you have no target audience, you aren’t speaking to anyone:


This is why a target audience needs to be defined. Without one, your brand is speaking to no one. This leads to wasted time and money on marketing, branding, and more. You need to make sure that your efforts aren’t going to waste by making sure that you are actually speaking to someone; More importantly, that you are speaking directly to a specific group.

Now that you know the importance of defining your target audience, let’s dive a little deeper.

Well to start, what is a target audience?

A target audience is a group of people that share similar interests, demographics, and are the primary customers for a product or service. These target audiences could have similar educational backgrounds, occupations, or even ages, allowing the brand to tailor its services and marketing towards a specific group. Marketing campaigns, product designs, and even some business decisions will be made with this defined target audience in mind.


However, you first need to actually DEFINE that target audience, and here are some tips to help you do so…

1. Find the problem you solve – In order to find your target audience, you must find the problem that your customers are facing. Everyone has a problem they are facing, and as a business, it is your job to help your customers solve it. Once you have identified what that problem is, you can begin to look for the audience that shares that problem.
2. Stay away from an audience that is too broad or narrow– When searching for that perfect audience for your brand, it can be easy to create a target audience that is too large or small. For example, “All teenage girls,” may be too broad of an audience, while “Teenage girls who play soccer,” may be too narrow. The key is finding the middle ground between the two so that your audience can be identified without being too specific.
3. Find an audience that relates to your brand message– One thing that so many brands forget is to RELATE to their customers. In order to do this, you have to have a target audience that you can truly relate to. Whether through
similar backgrounds, understanding, social classes, education, or really anything else, you have to find a way to connect with your consumer. This STARTS at defining your target market, making sure that you are choosing an audience that
you can connect with.

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Not defining your target audience can cause your business to suffer. A LOT. Here’s what may happen when your brand does not have a defined audience…

1. Your brand messaging won’t reach and inspire your customers– In order for your customers to take action, they need to feel connected and inspired by your message. Without defining a target audience, it is IMPOSSIBLE to create
messaging that relates to people specifically. You need to define your audience and speak to them specifically, so they can feel heard and connected to your business.
2. You end up spending too much time and money on ads and marketing– When you don’t have the right target audience, you won’t attract the right people. Therefore, the people who are seeing your ads won’t actually buy from you, causing you to spend money and time only to see no results.
3. You will have a low conversion rate– If you are attracting the wrong people, your audience won’t actually buy from you. Having too large of an audience, or one that isn’t even defined at all, can cause your business to attract customers who don’t end up actually taking that final step, clicking that call to action, or making that purchase from you. This will create a low conversion rate, which decreases the value of your site visitors and will cost you more money in the end.

Your brand is not made to attract everyone, which is why you need to spend time finding an audience that your business can relate to.

Not only that, but your messaging, brand voice, look and feel, should be tailored to fit that perfect audience.


Here’s an example:

Glossier, a beauty and makeup brand, believes that makeup should not be used to cover up, but to highlight who you already are. Their target audience is women ages 16-25 who appreciate cost friendly products, which also support sustainability, body positivity, and similar ideals.

They reach their specified audience through their messaging and design:


With a simple, yet girly design, their images highlight natural beauty.

Their messaging grabs a hold of their specific audience as well, as they specify that at Glossier, Makeup comes Second.


Glossier stands out. They direct every part of their brand to their audience, which allows them to be so successful.



You NEED to define a target audience for your business.

By taking this first step in defining an audience, you can then move on to creating a personalized and inviting website, social media platform, and brand as a whole. This will allow your audience to feel like you get them and create an inviting business for your customers.

You CAN build a successful business, but you need to start somewhere.


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