The 6 Figure Freelancer Program

A 90-day full-stack coaching program that helps you scale your coaching, consulting, marketing, creative, or freelance business to 6 or multi-6 figures.

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You Deserve to Live a Life of Freedom

You Deserve to Live a Life of Freedom

Have you built a business that is exhausting to run and wish you could do less and make more money?
Do you want to turn your side business into your full-time job with a proven roadmap to success?
Are you wasting time and money on business coaching that hasn’t led to the growth you desire?
Are you tired of trading time for money maxed out working 60+ hours, 7 days a week?
Are you functioning in feast or famine mode without consistent lead generation strategies?
Do you want to increase revenue and scale your business without the overwhelm and frustration?

Imagine what life will be like when you add $10,000 in revenue every month…


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In the program, you’ll…

  • Create your market, niche, and brand identity using the power of storytelling
  • Learn how to package and price your offerings to attract high-ticket projects and monthly reoccurring revenue
  • Follow a proven sales and organic lead generation process to close more business and create consistency and predictability with 7-10 calls booked on your calendar each week
  • Get on a $10K in revenue run rate per month over the next 90 days so you can add $100K+ this year in new business growth
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What People Are Saying...

Video Testimonials

These clients did $66K in just two months in 2022, which was a 4x from 2021…and the have another$80k pending in additional residual revenue over the next year. That’s $!140k already booked!

She is set to 3x her 2021 revenue in just 2 months in the program!

Build a multi-6 figure business without burnout and overwhelm so you can live a life of freedom!

Many people are starting and building their own businesses. They are looking for a quick and easy way to replace their income and build a lifestyle and business they will enjoy, one that includes personal freedom, travel, and more time to spend with friends and family.

While most coaches, marketing freelancers, creatives, and consultants could make hundreds of thousands of dollars annually, so many of them waste years trying to start and grow a business on their own.

The EvolveU 6-Figure Freelancer is a 90-day coaching program to help you start and grow from where you are now to a six or multiple 6-figure business.

You will get a personalized roadmap from Kimjera, CEO and owner of a 7-figure marketing agency, along with weekly guidance from her team that includes the same strategies, processes, resources, and tools she used to build her million-dollar business.

This is a full-stacked coaching program with everything you need to build a profitable business in the shortest time possible.

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If You Want to Achieve Success,


You can EVOLVE your business in the next 90 days in this full stacked coaching program.
  • 60-Min Personalized Kick-Off Call with Our Team
  • 90-Min Business Planning Session with Kimjera to create a Step-by-Step Roadmap
  • Story-based Branding Blueprint: Create Your Unique Brand & Understand Your Ideal Market Niche
  • Project Packaging Accelerator: How to Package and Price Project-Based Primary Offers to Close Higher Ticket Projects & Residual Monthly Revenue
  • Proven Organic Marketing Lead Generation: Implement Our “Client Getting Strategies” that Can Help You Book 7-10 Calls Each Week
  • Content Creation Playbook
  • Winning Proposal and Sales Call Framework: Improve Your Close Rate and Gain More Business
  • Client Delivery Process Improvement
  • Tech Training and Program Support
  • EvolveU Resource Library: Internal Documents & Templates for Websites, Landing Pages, Proposals, Lead Generators, Guides, Social Media Calendars, Contracts, etc.
  • Exclusive EvolveU Program Community with Weekly Q & A Training
  • Monthly 1-on-1 Coaching Calls
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We care about your success.


Jump on our calendar and book a call with us so we can learn more about your business growth goals for 2022 and beyond.


Follow our proven framework and strategies to set your business up for an added $10K of revenue per month.


You deserve to be successful! Build and scale a profitable business and live the life of freedom that you desire.


Access a StoryBrand Certified Guide, 7-Figure Marketing Agency Owner, & Certified Business Coach

Now it’s time to make a decision. You can do nothing, and continue to struggle on your own. Or, you can join The EvolveU 6 Figure Freelancer program and in a few short months, you’ll get the tools, resources, and guidance you need to grow your business.  You can make 2022 the best year ever!

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