Build a Profitable
Multi 6 or 7 Figure Business

EvolveU Global helps entrepreneurs and marketing consultants, creatives, freelancers, coaches, and agency owners scale to multiple 6 or 7 figures to LIVE A LIFE OF FREEDOM without burnout or overwhelm.

Work Less and Make More Money...

Many people are starting and building their own businesses. They are looking for a quick and easy way to replace their income and build a lifestyle and business they will enjoy, one that includes personal freedom, travel, and more time to spend with friends and family.

While most marketing freelancers, creatives, and consultants could make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, so many of them waste years trying to start and grow a business on their own.

The EvolveU 6-Figure Freelancer is a 90-day coaching program to help you start and grow from where you are now to a multiple 6-figure business.

You will get a personalized roadmap from Kimjera, CEO and owner of a 7-figure marketing agency, along with weekly guidance from her team that includes the same strategies, processes, resources, and tools she used to build her million-dollar business.

This is a full-stacked coaching program with everything you need to build a profitable business in the shortest time possible.

6 Figure Freelancer, coaching program
7 Figure Mastermind coaching program

Grow From 6 To 7-Figures...

Are you already a successful coach, marketing consultant, freelancer, creative agency, or business owner but struggling to go from 6 to 7-figures?  Do you feel the daily overwhelm of running your business and lack the time or resources to figure out how to scale a profitable business on your own?

The EvolveU 7-Figure Mastermind is a 6-or 12month program, where you work intimately, one-on-one with Kimjera and her team to scale your business.  This coaching program has the guidance and access to everything you need to go from 6 figures to a 7-figure company and become a full-fledged market leader.

You will get hands-on support that includes:

  • A business roadmap that is customized for your business every 90 days
  • Automating and creating systems and processes that can scale with your business (processes that took Kimjera years to develop and implement)
  • Developing your A-team of top talent so you can manage and delegate effectively to meet your client’s needs without breaking the bank with full-time employees allowing you to scale profitably
  • Elevating your website, funnels, and creating high-ticket offers that will add more revenue to your bottom line
  • Training and workshops on new tech software programs to improve your team’s skills
  • Creating a sales and proposal process that has been responsible for a 4x return in just one single year
  • How to lead a team and work “on” your business instead of “in” your business giving you hours of time back to do more of what you love with the people you love.

Get The Tools, Resources & Guidance You Need To Grow Your Marketing Business

Brand Foundation

We help you get clear on your vision, guiding principles, brand story, messaging, and unique positioning so your ideal client resonates with your brand and will want to work with you.  These are the foundational elements of every 7-figure business.

Sales & Marketing

Step-by-step guidance on the structure and selling of your high-ticket offers, so that you and your team members can close more sales with ease and consistency. You get access to top-notch sales resources that include a sales framework, battle-tested follow-ups, development of a winning proposal, payment processing online, up-selling, and more.

Client Execution

Client retention and client results are key to building a long-lasting marketing business. We will show you the exact processes and systems to successfully onboard, offboard, and manage new clients.  You’ll know how to automate and delegate to improve team efficiency and increase client trust without sacrificing quality.

System Building

You get access to all resources and systems that are tailored for your business.  This will save you months of time not having to build each process and system from scratch. Optimized for easy and efficient use, each process is delivered through coaching, videos, live workshops that are recorded for your team members.

Team Management

A key component to growing and scaling from $10,000 months to $10,000 days is a team of A-players. However, hiring a team without systems in place and proper training can cause a lot of frustration and delivery issues. We help you know when and what position to recruit and help you train them to be A-players so you don’t waste money and deliver excellent results.

Scale Fast

We’ll guide you step-by-step to scale your business all the way up to 7-figures.  You can take advantage of our years of testing, failing, and winning to help you avoid common mistakes so you know what works.  You can get to a 7-figure agency when you get access to the EvolveU Global team, back-end systems, processes, and automation.